Thursday, May 20, 2010


Sorry for the long break in transmission, well Unilag has been writing exams therefore putting people in their best behaviors and then the short break. Anyway school is back in session now and you can be sure we have gist for y'all. Till our next update...

Lasgidi Amebo

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let's hear your thoughts.....

So this blog is strictly for dropping names of who you think is writing this blog, no insults no story, just names and you can add your reasons too...

Still love you guys.....xoxo

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Unilag and Lasgidi Amebo collabo

Hello Darlings,

For those of you that expected the ultimate it is and for those of you that didn't...well here it is anyway. All the names used in this post are either facebook names or real names, we do not intend to hurt anyone's feelings by this post, we just say it as we see it and if we hurt your feelings by the post well suck it up and mend your ways, feel free to drop the hateful comments that's how we know we are doing our jobs:

So we hear that Debola Oginni and Dele Oni broke up recently sources say they might be back together but we will see about that soon enough, but it left us speculating on the reason they broke up is it due to the new investment Dele ventured into?, that being nothing else but yahoo, yes former Chief of ON has resulted to the demeaning act of yahoo or maybe he just realised he cannot stand hearing her H-factor for another second more.

Wura Adeniji Adele or shall i say Wura Shodipo, we all know everybody likes the rich popular daddy so i guess we will be sticking with Adeniji Adele then, so we hear you were fighting your sister over m an because you do not want her to be more popular than you, and fighting with Debola Oginni over Wande Coal??...Thats very low even for an already low class female like you..and both of you taking punches at yourselves in Moremi over Wande Coal?...Seriously SMH

Has anyone ever really wondered why Titi Bello and ABK really broke up??.... well for those of you that already know...good and for those of you that dont here's the juicy bit, so our dear not so pretty Titi went ahead to sleep with Lanre Adeniran and asif that wasn't already a stupid enough move both of them went and were chatting about it in Facebook inbox, i mean come on!!!! Bammy Makanju who had Lanre's password logged in and behold the secret was in the hands of a towncrier and naturally he spread it...Word has it he went to apologise to the affected people sometime last year but we don't know how true this is.

So finally Yinka Ilesanmi and Seyi Owolabi have broken up... Thank God for their sad lives, i mean while they were dating this girl was screwing everything in sight and her only claims to fame are AKT and YEYO, obviously Yinka has no atom of dignity left in her so let's let sleeping dogs lie or in this case, horny bitches fuck!

Ope Oluwa i don't need to remind you that you are shameless and all of that, i'm sure you already know, so tell me is Demilade Roberts' penis honey-dipped or why are you having such a hard time leaving it?...when he had a girlfriend he didn't leave her for you and sources say he was single for a while still didn't get with you and now he has another girlfriend he still will not leave her for you, honey get a life, we see the way you are always dogging him on twitter too(i warned you to protect your tweets) let it go girl, your time is gone, there are younger(yes you are old) and pretty(note:i didn't say prettier) girls for his picking. Of course he knows you are there for him to hit anytime and anyday when he is in the mood to have an STD so you don't always have to remind him. We also hear you went to attack Fikemi in Moremi with your silly posse(the Oginni's) for making a pass at you boyfriend, frankly i wonder what that boy is still doing with you, but relax honey you fuck other's boyfriends so why should your be off-limits?

Yetunde Pearl Gbolahan!...We see your facebook statuses and all we can do is feel bad for you, we understand that you cannot get over the fact that you merely served as a replacement to the previous "yetunde" whom Seun.K had the hots for, so he has left for England and you are still hoping he will stay with you?...hasn't he made it obvious enough by taking you clubbing with him and leaving you for other girls and humping every thing in sight?...take a tip dear, you have almost nothing to add to the side of our name except a pair of boobs, he will leave you in the blink of an eye and from the look of your Facebook statuses you are in love...what a shame!

Fafowora Akinola kudos to you, you are a very coded guy but we could not help overhearing or noticing that you were fucking Buttercups Ulo Jessica, I believe you can do better than that, ulo? lamp stand ulo?... ok so quick question what exactly do you hang on to when you guys are doing it?... Definitely nothing on her body... we are watching out for you...seems you like doing nasty things on the downlow.

Tobi Adesanya we hear you got dumped by Abeeysodun, our condolences, in the first place what were you doing with such a dead slow female? and then you were stupid enough to get dumped by her?... do you know what that means??.... you were not man enough for a dead babe??.... if you don't feel your pain darling i do.

Demilade Roberts, How is that little girlfriend of yours, what's her name again? Sherri Dolce Carter she is quite a catch isn't she and i'm sure you know about the guy's house she used to spend weekends on end with in his house before summer last year, particularly one visit to her lover's house was of interest to me because a few weeks after we hear she is no longer a virgin, there is only one part of this story that surprises me a close friend of hers says she lost her virginity to Demilade but a close friend of Demilade's says he no responsibility for her hymen... now now people relax i am just as excited as you are, could it be that Demilade Roberts' dinner was served at another table??.... well i am not going to say anything till i know what exactly is going on here.

Anyway that's all the gist for now, keep them coming to and and well keep running your mouths that also helps.

Before i end this blog, I just want to say Congrats to the new club chiefs Demilade Roberts and James Egbuson playinxs we are watching and I would love to congratulate Gboyega Adekoya as well but frankly i am quite ashamed, is that all ON could do?...Gboyega?? well we obviously won't be getting much from ON this year seeing as they have been left in the hands of a dead nigga.

That's all folks
New Semester, Please get up to as much mischief as you can, just remember we will be watching. Amebo awards coming soon watch how you dress where you go, we have eyes everywhere. Till later....xoxo

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hi Sweethearts,

I am very sorry about the deleted was my mistake and me and my team will try our best to get the original write up back but its a shame we will lose the comments and the originality of the previous one.
Here's something to look forward to, we are collabo-ing with unilag amebo so you can hear the biggest scariest craziest and most importantly truest of Lagos gist, Watch this space people it is going to be explosive, the post will feature:

The Jumbo 5
Ope Akinwande
Priscilla Okoh
Demilade Roberts
Debola Oginni
Titi Bello
Abiola Kayode
Yewande Seriki

And that's only to name a few, I tell you people you are going to love this, crazy gist that you all have thought u left in your past Unilag and Lasgidi amebo have done a great job digging them up plus the ones you are at right now, you can run sweethearts but you definitely cant hide

PS: Protect you tweets while you guys sell yourselves out there more than you can imagine, so we are on that too

So Lasigidi is out for now kisses and please get up to as much mischief as you can, i would love that immensely....xoxo...